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MSD Sewer Lateral Repair Program

In April of 2008, residents voted for and approved the City’s participation in the MSD Sewer Lateral Repair Program.  St. Louis County government administers the entire program that includes collecting an annual $50.00 tax based fee.

Should you need a line repaired, you will need to follow a process, which is outlined as follows:

First, you need to contact a master plumber to have a camera test run to verify that there is a break in the line. The program does not cover this cost, so you will need to pay the plumber directly.

Second, once a break has been verified, you need to submit an application to the County for repair. Applications can be obtained in three ways. (1) If the master plumber is on the County’s bid list, you should be able to obtain an application through him or her. (2) You can phone the St. Louis County Sewer Lateral Repair Program office at (314) 615-8427, to request an application. (3) You can visit this link to apply online.