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Police Department

Photo courtesy of John C. Friskel


The Lakeshire police department consists of fourteen full and part time Officers staffed by a Chief, one Sergeant, one detective, nine senior patrol officers, and one Emergency Management Commander.  All are Missouri POST certified. Most are retired from large departments and have extensive experience in many police disciplines. 

The department has the most stringent hiring criteria of all departments in St. Louis County.  Officers must have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college.  Five of our officers have a Masters degree.  Officers are required to have a minimum of ten years experience with a major law enforcement agency. The department is community oriented and provides exceptional service to our citizens. 

Patrol and Calls for Service

Officers focus on preventative crime patrol in marked and unmarked police vehicles.  Officers respond to all calls for police service received and dispatched through existing St. Louis County Communications. Normal response time is under three minutes. Officers, including the Chief conduct foot patrols in neighborhoods to meet, greet, and establish positive relationships with our residents.

The police department is dispatched through an enhanced 911 system under contract with the St. Louis County Police Communications Division. For non-emergency police response, citizens may contact our dispatch service at 
(636) 529-8210.  Our office and administrative number is (314) 631-4670.

Housing and Property Violations

One Lakeshire Officer is a property code specialist who investigates violations of our strict minimum housing standards. He, along with the Lakeshire Chief, counsel the owners of rental property on the “best business practices” for tenant selection and retention.


Crime Scene Processing

Routine crime scenes such as burglaries, thefts, and domestic violence are processed for fingerprints and/or digitally photographed.  Two Lakeshire Officers are seasoned and experienced forensic specialists. Lakeshire has modern crime scene equipment. The St. Louis County Police Crime Scene Unit, acting under contract, handle cases involving body fluids resulting from crimes against persons such as serious assaults and sex crimes. 

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

The Affton Fire Department provides quick and efficient service, however police response is normally faster than ambulance service.  One Lakeshire car carries an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) at all times and provides urgent response to heart attack calls. The AED is used to administer a shock to persons in cardiac arrest. All Lakeshire Officers have been trained and certified in use of the AED.  We have entered into an agreement with St. Anthony’s Medical Center to act as our Medical Director.
Deployment of the AED within the first few moments after a cardiac arrest can make the difference between life and death, or the quality of life. This state-of-the art equipment records the condition of the heart before an application of a shock.  That information is recorded on a computer chip in the AED, which can be uploaded and viewed by hospital physicians.

Lakeshire was the first Police Department in south St. Louis County to carry this life saving device at all times in a police car.


Lakeshire employs one, part-time plainclothes detective who investigates all felony crimes against persons and property.  Selected misdemeanor offenses are investigated when warranted. He is also responsible for internal affairs investigations. Our detective has 35 years experience as a police officer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and St. Louis County Police Department.

Vacation Checks

Homes of residents on vacation or out-of-town are physically checked on each of three daily shifts. Newspapers and flyers are removed and packages left at houses are held for safekeeping until the resident returns home. Vacation Check form can be downloaded from this site. The completed form should be placed in the mail slot at the Community Center.

Security Surveys

Upon request, the Lakeshire Chief or Detective will conduct a home or business security survey and make recommendations for improvement and enhancements.

Child Safety Seats

We have a variety of child safety seats to accommodate children of various ages, which we loan to residents who have grandchildren or guests with children visiting. 

Bicycle Helmets

Helmets can prevent serious head injuries to children when riding bikes.  We have partnered with St. Louis Children’s Hospital to acquire quality bicycle helmets at a discount.  Our limited supply of helmets are given free of charge to residents experiencing financial difficulties and unable to afford a helmet for their children.

Operation “Child Safe”

We actively participate in this program on a year round basis.  Free gunlocks are provided upon request to our residents.  Our policy is “no questions asked”.  This program is about saving the lives of children-not gun control.

Traffic Enforcement

Our department concentrates traffic enforcement on residential streets where children live and play.  The effort is to prevent speeding, careless and reckless driving which threaten the safety of our residents and in particular to our children.

Public Awareness Information

Brochures, booklets, and videos are available at no charge on such topics as emergency preparedness, pandemic flu, and domestic violence.