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What you need to know as a resident of Lakeshire is presented here in simple format so you can easily recall during a fluid situation. If you follow this basic plan, your immediate needs will be accommodated.  Longtime recovery following a tragedy will begin within hours of an incident. 

Please keep the following information for reference. 

  • First and foremost, accept personal responsibility for survival.  Have a plan and be prepared to help yourself and family.  Invest in a weather radio.  Follow weather advisories and heed tornado warning sirens. 
  • If you are trapped or injured in your house or apartment, our plan provides for a house-by-house search by first responders. We have a map plan to account for every housing unit in Lakeshire 
  • If you are in your home and it is not completely damaged by a storm or other event, plan on remaining for several hours until downed electric lines are shut off and a path is cleared through the streets.  Police and firefighters will notify you when it is safe to leave for a shelter.   
  • If you are at work, at school, or away from your home, you may not be allowed to enter the city under any circumstances for an extended period of time. Temporary, resident only entry passes will be issued at the shelter.  
  • If there is a non-weather event of an impending or imminent catastrophe, you may be directed to evacuate.  Again there is a protocol in place for total evacuation.  Please follow verbal instructions of police and firefighters and report to a shelter.  

In any disaster or emergency, where do you go for assistance, to reconnect with family, or check on the well being of family members? 

We have partnered with two of our neighbors to provide you a place for shelter, information sharing, and assistance from relief agencies. 


Primary Shelter Lutheran High School
  9515 Tesson Ferry (Hwy 21)

(If damaged or unusable police will direct you to secondary) 

Secondary Shelter Twin Rivers Worship Center
  10575 Tesson Ferry (Hwy 21)


Both of these buildings are compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).  This provision is federally mandated even for buildings designated for emergency use. These buildings have adequate space to shelter hundreds of people. There are restroom, shower, and food service facilities.  An area has also been designated for pets.


  •  If you go somewhere besides one of the designated locations, please call the shelter or city hall so we can account for your safety and obtain your contact information.


Once either of these shelters is activated all relief efforts will be coordinated from the facility.  This will be a central location where immediate needs will be met. Your elected and appointed city officials will staff and assist you at the shelters. Long-term recovery efforts will also be started here with most relief agencies being on site within hours. 


WHAT basics should I bring to the shelter?

  A. Prescription Medication

B.  Pets

C. Cell Phone


Please NOTE if you are at work when disaster strikes, there are two things New York evacuees of the 9-11 terrorist attack would tell you to have at your job site.

A pair of waking shoes 
Bottle of drinking water


If the Lakeshire City Hall is not damaged in a disaster, the building will be used as a “command post” for first responders. Our plan provides for the phones to be staffed during an emergency. City Hall can be powered by a natural gas emergency generator, which which has the capacity to operate all electrical services.


Lakeshire Police, non-emergency

Lakeshire Administration


The city hall command post will be supplemented by the St. Louis County Emergency Management mobile command post.  This mobile unit is a large, retrofitted RV equipped for communication and control which can respond within an hour. 

For additional information on how to prepare for all types of emergencies, visit the Federal Emergency Management website at www.fema.gov, click on the “Plan and Prepare” dropdown menu. There, you will find recommendations for a comprehensive survival kit. 

The Lakeshire police have emergency preparedness pamphlets and DVD’s available for our residents. To receive copies, call our office and specify if you wish emergency planning information for your home, work, or both.  If you receive an automated answer, please leave your name and address and we will deliver the material to your home.  There is no charge and you may keepthe DVD.

In addition to routine police matters, information will be posted on the site during an emergency situation.

We wish to express sincere thanks to the administrators and staff of Lutheran High School and Twin Rivers Worship Center.  They are gracious neighbors who have stepped forward to make their personnel, resources and facilities available to the residents of Lakeshire in the event of an emergency.