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Emergency Management Director  

Our Emergency Management Director, Daniel Duffy was formerly the Lakeshire Police Chief.  He retired in October 2013 after serving ten years in that position.  During that tenure he was also responsible for Emergency Management.  In view of the many natural disasters in recent years and the potential threat of terrorism, he now focuses specifically on Emergency Management.

On New Year’s Eve 2010 a devastating tornado struck our neighboring community of Sunset Hills.  Chief Duffy responded and assumed leadership as one of the incident commanders.  That was a tremendous learning experience and catalyst to update the Lakeshire Emergency Plan.  The plan is now constantly reviewed and updated to reflect current conditions and resources. 

For purposes of background and experience, EMD Duffy has over 40 years of law enforcement and emergency planning experience in the public and private sector. He holds Master of Arts Degrees in dual disciplines from Webster University; Administration of Justice and Business Management.  His undergraduate degree is from Maryville University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and Social Science.  Upon graduation he earned “lifetime” teaching certificate from the State of Missouri.

Chief Duffy retired from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department after 24 years of service.  Most of his career was spent as a detective/investigator, field supervisor and detective commander.  At the time of his retirement he served as deputy commander of the Vice Division.

While he was a Detective assigned to the Narcotics Division and later the Intelligence unit, he worked part-time for the University of Missouri at Columbia.  He had the opportunity to teach criminal investigation courses and seminars across the state. 

While with St. Louis he was involved in several shootouts and received a number of prestigious awards including the Medal of Valor.  This is the highest award given to Police Officers in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.  The award resulted from a major gun battle with members of the Black Liberation Army.  In the course of a multi location gun battle, one police officer was shot five times, one suspect was killed, and another suspect was wounded.

He also received an Award for Heroism from the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith for defusing violence during a National Nazi march held in
St. Louis. Several months were dedicated specifically to coordinating and planning a march that would be conducted in a lawful and peaceful manner.  

Thousands of angry protesters from throughout the country greeted the Nazis with disdain but the potential for major violence was diffused. This positive outcome was solely the result of planning and coordination with the event participants and many of the groups opposed to the march being held on the streets of St. Louis. 

After service with the St. Louis Police Department EMD Duffy performed security consulting for major corporations with an emphasis on labor disputes and violence in the workplace.  He also served as an independent agent for a government contractor performing investigations for the FBI, National Parks Service and after 9-11-01, for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (now known as ICE). 

EMD Duffy has been an active or former member of the International Association of Chief’s of Police, The Missouri Police Chief’s Association, the St. Louis Area Police Chief’s Association (SLAPCA), the Missouri Peace Officers Association, the Missouri Emergency Management Association, and other civic and social organizations, including the International Police Association, and the Emerald Society.

He is committed to the safety and security of Lakeshire and surrounding areas through professional collaboration and mutual aid agreements.  Please review the Emergency Management Plan on this website and become familiar with the basic information in the event a major emergency impacts our community.