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April 3, 2018
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Court Procedures



If you would like to receive a recommendation by mail, please send the following to the Prosecuting Attorney (City of Lakeshire Municipal Court, 10000 Puttington Dr., Lakeshire, MO 63123):

1) Self-addressed, stamped envelope
2) Entry of Appearance
3) Request for Recommendation
An attorney may also submit the Entry of Appearance and request for recommendation via LawSourceLive.com.
Upon submitting your "Entry of Appearance" the Prosecuting Attorney will automatically continue your defendant's case to the next court date.

Please Note: The municipal court will not accept request for recommendations, this must be separate and addressed to the attention for the Lakeshire Prosecuting Attorney.


General Court Information:


Defendants/violators may plead guilty to the following charges and pay the below fine and court costs outside of court:
General parking violations  $35.00
Expired License Plates/No Valid Certificate of Inspection, $47.50. A copy of your current registration or inspection must be included.

The payment and necessary paperwork must be received by the Court prior to the defendant’s court date.
Lakeshire court is now available to accept online payments and phone-in credit card payments, in addition to personal checks or money orders.

To pay online, please visit lakeshirepayments.com or click the link below.

Personal checks or money orders should be sent by mail to the Court Clerk at:
10000 Puttington Drive
Lakeshire, MO 63123
Cash is accepted by the Court Clerk on your court date only.

To search cases online, visit municourt.net.

For any questions, you may contact the Court Clerk by calling 314-631-6222 and leaving a message (your call will be returned within one business day) or for a faster response you may email your question to lakeshirecourt@gmail.com.